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Adroit Financial vs. Samco

All stockbrokers charge you a fee for carrying out trading transactions. They charge you different fees for different asset classes. So, to maximize your returns and best trading experience, you need to choose the best stock broker.

Among the best stockbrokers in India, two top names are Adroit Financial and Samco. Please find a thorough comparison study for both the stock brokers, and find the table below for the comparison of Adroit Financial and Samco.


Adroit Financial are Samco both private companies and Adroit Financial operates as a full service Broker, while Samco functions as a discount broker. Ajay Kumar Gupta co-founded Adroit Financial in 1994. And Samco was founded in the year 2015 by Vipul Modi. Adroit Financial's headquarters are in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and Samco's headquarters are in Mumbai, India.

Adroit Financial operates as a full service Broker, while Samco functions as a discount broker. Adroit Financial is registered in NA, while Samco is registered in BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX. The total branches of Adroit Financial are Nil and the Samco branches are Zero.

OverviewAdroit FinancialSamco
Broker TypeFull Service BrokerDiscount Broker
Type of companyPrivatePrivate
HeadquarterGhaziabad, Uttar PradeshMumbai, India
FoundersAjay Kumar GuptaVipul Modi
Foundation Year19942015
Supported ExchangesNABSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX
Total branchesNilZero

Adroit Financial and Samco Trading Account Opening and Demat Charges

A dematerialization account, also known as a Demat account keeps the securities in an electronic form that are deposited with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) or Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

Account opening fees for various brokers range from 0 to Rs.200, with Adroit Financial charging Rs.400 and Samco charging Free.

When you open a Demat account, you must pay specific fees such as account maintenance fees, broker commissions, GST, and STT. When you open a Demat account, you must pay specific fees such as account maintenance charges, broker commissions, GST, and STT. So, account maintenance charges (AMC) for the Adroit Financial Demat account is Rs.250 per Annum and for the Samco Demat account is Free. The Trading AMC for Adroit Financial and Samco is free. And the margin money for both brokers is also zero.

As we know that NSDL and CDSL are the two depositories in India registered by Indian Government which holds various securities in electronic form like stocks, bonds, etc. So, the depository for both Adroit Financial and Samco is CDSL.

Account Opening and Demat ChargesAdroit FinancialSamco
Trading Account Opening ChargesRs.400Free
Demat AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges)Rs.250 per AnnumFree
Trading AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges)FreeRs.400 per annum
Margin MoneyMinimum Rs.5,000Zero
Offline to Online ChargesYesNot applicable

Adroit Financial and Samco Equity Brokerage Charges

There are more charges that a broker charges for equity transactions.

Equity delivery charges: This means holding the stocks for a certain period of time and selling it when you make a profit. Different brokers charge different rates on Equity Delivery. The Equity Delivery charges for Adroit Financial is 0.33%, while Samco charges you 0.2% or Rs.20.

Equity Intraday: This means when you buy and sell stocks on the same day. So, the equity intraday brokerage charges for Adroit Financial is 0.03% and for Samco also, it is 0.02% or Rs.20.

Equity Futures: Equity futures refers to the purchase and sale of shares at a fixed price on a future date. Adroit Financial charge 0.03% and Samco charge 0.02% or Rs.20 for equity futures.

Equity Options: These are contracts that allow an investor to buy or sell equities at a predetermined or strike price, (1 contract=100 shares). For equity options, Adroit Financial charges Rs.35 per Lot, and Samco charges Rs.20 per lot.

Equity Brokerage ChargesAdroit FinancialSamco
Equity Delivery Brokerage0.33%0.2% or Rs.20
Equity Intraday Brokerage0.03%0.02% or Rs.20
Equity Futures Brokerage0.03%0.02% or Rs.20
Equity Options BrokerageRs.35 per LotRs.20 per lot

Adroit Financial and Samco Currency Brokerage Charges

Currency trading is also known as forex trading, which is used to buy and sell currency pairs. Most brokers offer this trading service.

Currency Future: It is also known as Foreign exchange futures. It is a type of contract where buying and selling of currencies is done on a future date at a fixed price. The Currency Futures Brokerage for Adroit Financial is 0.03% and for Samco is 0.02% or Rs.20.

Currency Options: A currency option, like an equity option, is a contract that allows a buyer the right (but not the responsibility) to purchase or sell a specified currency at a fixed exchange rate on or before a particular date. Adroit Financial charges Rs.25 per Lot for currency options, whereas Adroit Financial charges Rs.20 per lot.

Currency Brokerage ChargesAdroit FinancialSamco
Currency Futures Brokerage0.03%0.02% or Rs.20
Currency Options BrokerageRs.25 per LotRs.20 per lot

Adroit Financial and Samco Commodity Brokerage Charges

Commodity Trading: Commodity trading involves the purchase and sale of various commodities such as gold, silver, agriculture, and energy, as well as their derivative products. Adroit Financial charges 0.03% for commodity trading, while Samco charges 0.02% or Rs.20.

Commodity Brokerage ChargesAdroit FinancialSamco
Commodity Options Brokerage0.03%0.02% or Rs.20

Adroit Financial and Samco Other Charges

Here are some other broker charges that should know about -

Minimum Broker Charges: Adroit Financial levies a minimum brokerage fee of Percentage of Transaction, while Samco charges As per Transaction brokerage fee.

Transaction Brokerage Charges: Adroit Financial levies a transaction brokerage charge of 0.00295%, while Samco charges 0.00325% of Total Turnover.

SEBI Turnover Charges: Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the market regularly and monitors fair trade practices. They also charge a small fee known as the SEBI Turnover fee. So, the SEBI Turnover charges for Adroit Financial is 0.0002% of Total Turnover and for Adroit Financial is 0.0002% of Total Turnover.

Stamp Duty Charges: This fee is charged as per the state and asset class.

GST Charges (Goods and Services Tax): GST of 18% is charged (brokerage and transaction charges)

STT (Securities Transaction Tax): The STT charges for Adroit Financial are 0.0126% of Total Turnover, while for Samco, they are 0.0126% of Total Turnover.

Call and Trade Charges: This charge varies for different brokers. Adroit Financial charges NA and Samco charges Rs 20 per executed order.

Other Brokerage ChargesAdroit FinancialSamco
Minimum Brokerage ChargesPercentage of TransactionAs per Transaction
Transaction Brokerage Charges0.00295%0.00325% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp Duty ChargesAs per the stateAs per the state
GST Charges18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
STT Charges0.0126% of Total Turnover0.0126% of Total Turnover
Call and Trade ChargesNARs 20 per executed order

Adroit Financial and Samco Equity Exposure/Leverage

With the leverage, you can trade for a much higher amount than you actually pay for it. It means to borrow money for buying securities. For example, if you want to buy stocks for Rs. 5,00,000, but have only funds of Rs. 2,00,000. Then, you can get the remaining 3,00,000 Rs. from the broker by paying them some margin amount.

Equity Delivery: Leverage provided for Equity Delivery by Adroit Financial is up to Upto 1x and by Samco it is up to Upto 5x.

Equity Intraday: Leverage for equity intraday by Adroit Financial is up to Upto 2x and by Samco it is up to Upto 10x.

Equity Futures: Leverage for Equity Futures by Adroit Financial is up to Upto 1x and by Samco it is up to Upto 5x.

Equity Options: Leverage for Equity Options by Adroit Financial is up to Upto 2x and by Samco also, it is up to No.

Equity LeverageAdroit FinancialSamco
Equity DeliveryUpto 1xUpto 5x
Equity IntradayUpto 2xUpto 10x
Equity FuturesUpto 1xUpto 5x
Equity OptionsUpto 2xNo

Adroit Financial and Samco Currency Leverage

The currency futures leverage provided by Adroit Financial is up to Upto 1x, while for Samco it is up to Upto 5x.

The currency options leverage provided by Adroit Financial is up to Upto 1x, while for Samco it is up to No.

Currency LeverageAdroit FinancialSamco
Currency FuturesUpto 1xUpto 5x
Currency OptionsUpto 1xNo

Adroit Financial and Samco Commodity Leverage

The commodity leverage provided by Adroit Financial is up to Upto 1x, while for Samco it is up to Upto 5x .

Commodity LeverageAdroit FinancialSamco
CommodityUpto 1xUpto 5x

Adroit Financial and Samco Offers

Brokers offer various exciting offers to entice new customers. Here are some of them:

Free Stock Trading and Demat Accounts: many brokers offer new investors to open an account free to cost and start trading straight away with them.

Flexible Plans: attractive plans at an economical price such as ProStocks monthly plan targeting equity cash and currency F&O at Rs.899 and Rs.499, respectively.

Brokerage Discounts: Coupons providing up to 50% discount at their rates.

Happy Hours: A specific time slot where the trades/customers get broker's services at a discount.

1-month Free Plan: where brokers provide free delivery trading such as OneTradePlus.

Holiday Offers: brokers are providing their services at a discounted rate on special events such as Diwali.

Referral Program: brokers provide a discount when your family or friends sign up with the broker using your referral code.

Zero Brokerage on Loss Trade: complete refund of money on unsuccessful trades.

OffersAdroit FinancialSamco
Free Stock Trading AccountYesNo
Free Demat AccountNoYes
Flexible PlansNoNo
Brokerage DiscountsNoYes
Happy HoursNoNo
1 Month Free PlanNoNo
Holiday OffersNoNo
Referral ProgramNoNo
Zero Brokerage on Loss TradesNoNo

Adroit Financial and Samco Features

Equity Trading: Adroit Financial and Samco brokers are among the top brokers in India. They provide you with various trading options like Equity Delivery, Equity Intraday and Equity Futures and Options trading.

Currency and Commodity Trading: Adroit Financial and Samco also offer you to trade in currency and commodities.

Initial Public Offering (IPOs): One of the greatest advantages of Adroit Financial and Samco broker is that you can also invest in IPOs. Adroit Financial also has an added advantage that they provide you with robo-advisory services as well.

Trading Exposure: Different brokers provide different trading exposures. Adroit Financial offers trading exposure of up to Upto 2x, while Samco gives up to Upto 10x.

Mutual Funds: Investing in mutual funds is a great option to grow your wealth and many brokers offer the option to invest on that. With Adroit Financial and Samco, you can invest in mutual funds through SIP and Lumpsum.

Forex Trading: With Forex Trading, you can trade in various international currencies. Adroit Financial and Samco also allow you to trade in forex trading.

FeaturesAdroit FinancialSamco
Equity Delivery TradingYesYes
Equity Intraday TradingYesYes
Equity Futures TradingYesYes
Equity Options TradingYesYes
Currency TradingYesYes
Commodity TradingYesYes
IPO (Initial public offering)YesYes
Stocks SuggestionsNoNo
Robo AdvisoryNoNo
PMS (Portfolio Management Services)NoNo
Trading InstitutionNoNo
Trading ExposureUpto 2xUpto 10x
Mutual FundsYesYes
SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)YesYes
Forex TradingNoNo

Adroit Financial and Samco Advisory Services

Discount brokers and full-service brokers offer different services. Here are some of the top advisory services offered by brokers-

Fundamental Reports: These are the reports that analyse a company's financial statements and help investors and financial analysts make decisions about a company's present financial status.

Research Reports: Many broker companies have in-house research teams which are experienced and help people to give research reports on various securities like stocks, currency, mutual funds, etc. Adroit Financial and Samco offer you in-depth research reports.

Company Reports: These are detailed and easy-to-understand reports on the company's measures throughout the year, month, or week.

Relationship Manager: Full-service broker gives a dedicated relationship manager, who will clear all your trading queries and help you throughout your trading journey.

Other Services: Many brokers provide more services depending upon the brokerage price like Company Stock Reviews, Free Stock Tips, IPO Reports, Top Picks, Daily Market Reviews, Monthly Reports, Weekly Reports and Offline Advisory.

Advisory ServicesAdroit FinancialSamco
Fundamental ReportsNoNo
Research ReportsNoYes
Company ReportsNoNo
Annual ReportsNoNo
Company Stock ReviewNoNo
Free Stock TipsYesNo
IPO ReportsYesNo
Top PicksYesNo
Daily Market ReviewYesNo
Monthly ReportsYesNo
Weekly reportsYesNo
Offline AdvisoryYesNo
Relationship ManagerYesNo

Adroit Financial and Samco Desktop Trading Platforms

A trader can utilise multiple trading platforms to trade in stocks, commodities, etc. A good and advanced trading platform can make your trading easier and result in profit maximization. Adroit Financial and Samco offer a Desktop Trading Platform with advanced tools, interactive charts, and quick buying and selling of securities. Their trading platforms can be used in Windows, Mac and Desktop browsers as well.

Desktop Trading PlatformsAdroit FinancialSamco
Desktop BrowserNoYes

Adroit Financial and Samco Mobile Trading Platforms

Adroit Financial and Samco offer you mobile trading platforms which can be used in iOS and Android applications.

Mobile Trading PlatformsAdroit FinancialSamco
Mobile BrowserNoNo
Android AppYesYes
iOS AppYesYes
Windows AppNoNo
Other mobile osNoNo

Adroit Financial and Samco Customer Support

Customer service is a critical aspect in converting a new customer into a loyal and long-term customer. Because the trading market moves quickly, an investor requires appropriate customer assistance from their brokers. Adroit Financial and Samco give good customer support and service to their clients. They help you in online trading through chat support, e-mail support and call support.

Customer Support FeaturesAdroit FinancialSamco
Relationship ManagerNoYes
Offline TradingYesNo
Online TradingYesYes
24 * 7 SupportNoNo
Email SupportYesYes
Chat SupportNoNo
Toll free numberNoNo
Support Branches9S

Adroit Financial and Samco Customer Complaints

The BSE and NSE actively accept and handle complaints to maintain a stringent check and balance on fair-trade opportunities. Investors can file complaints about brokers or companies in case of any unfair trade practices. BSE and NSE make sure to resolve your complaints within a certain time. Check out the table below for Adroit Financial and Samco registered and resolved complaints.

For Adroit Financial, the Percentage of resolved BSE complaints is 100.00 % and the Percentage of resolved NSE complaints is 100.00 %.

For Samco, the Percentage of resolved BSE complaints is 62.92 % and the Percentage of resolved NSE complaints is 68.42 %.

We can say that Adroit Financial is better than Samco in case of resolving customer complaints.

BSE ComplaintsAdroit FinancialSamco
BSE Complaints189
BSE Resolved Complaints156
Percentage of resolved BSE complaints100.00 %62.92 %
NSE Complaints2114
NSE Resolved Complaints278
Percentage of resolved NSE complaints100.00 %68.42 %
BSE/NSE Complaint vs. Resolved Percentage100.00 %65.67 %

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Adroit Financial better than Samco?

    Adroit Financial is a full service broker and Samco is a discount broker. You need to look for brokerage charges, account opening fees, trading platforms, etc. to determine which one is better.

  2. Is Samco better than Adroit Financial?

    Samco is a discount broker and Adroit Financial is a full service broker. As a result, we must examine features such as brokerage costs, account opening fees, trading platforms, and more to determine which of them is a better stockbroker.

  3. Which is cheaper between Adroit Financial and Samco?

    Being a full-service broker, Adroit Financial tends to have higher brokerage charges, while Samco, being a discount broker, offers comparatively cheaper rates. In general, the brokerage fees for both of them will be relatively similar. Examine the brokerage fees in-depth to determine the less expensive broker for your requirements.

  4. Which is better, Adroit Financial and Samco?

    To figure out which of the two stockbrokers, Adroit Financial and Samco, is better, compare their brokerage charges, trading platforms, other expenses, research, account opening charges, and so on.

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