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Everyone wants to be wealthy and make money, and one of the best ways to do so is through the stock market. Stock markets look complicated to many, but if you take guidance and help from an expert, you can grow your wealth in no time. If you follow blind advice and invest in stock markets just by watching some news, you will lose your money. So, it is important to understand that if you take stock advisory services from leading firms, you can good results and invest in the right way.

Stock advisory services provide advice on stock market investments. You seek financial guidance from a stock advisory firm in order to attain your financial goals and objectives. They will not only help you to grow your wealth but also protect your capital. Look for the firms that are SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) registered and offer you the services in your best interest. The fundamental goal of financial advice services is to assist investors in making educated decisions about their investment portfolios. Their services include stock analysis, investment planning, risk management, portfolio building, and ongoing monitoring and reporting of investments.

Now, if you want to invest in stocks, you cannot directly go to a particular company and ask them to provide you with the shares. You need a middleman who can help you invest in stocks, and that middleman is known as a stockbroker. You can easily trade with the help of a broker in the stock markets. They act as an intermediary between an exchange and an investor. These brokers perform this service for which they are compensated in a variety of ways, either by commissions, fees or by being paid directly by the exchange. They help you in order execution, provide you with various trading platforms, and provide financial advisory and margin funding facilities.

Now, there are mainly two types of stock brokers, namely- Full-service brokers and Discount brokers.

Full-service brokers

They are also known as traditional brokers. These brokers offer various services such as equity investing, commodity, and currency trading services. They also provide advisory services, research reports, asset management, and retirement planning services, portfolio management as well. In addition to offering tailored brokerage plans, these brokers also offer a range of services tailored to investors from different backgrounds and with different skills and interests.

Many of the full-service also provide a dedicated relationship manager to assist you and help you in managing your portfolios. They also have in-house research teams that can give you detailed research reports. Full-service brokers have a physical and online presence. Along with the demat account & trading account service and a trading platform, some traditional stock brokers provide banking services as well.

Full-Service brokers, as the name implies, provide a wide range of services, which results in a large commission and high brokerage charges. Given the wide range of products and services available, it may be worth the extra expense.

Some of the top names of full-service brokers in India are HDFC Securities, Axis Direct, ICICI Securities, Kotak Securities, Motilal Oswal, IIFL Securities, Sharekhan, SBI Securities, etc.

Discount brokers

As the name implies, discount brokers provide various brokering services at discounted prices. They are well-known for their low brokerage charges. As a result, they only provide basic services such as buying and selling orders. They do not, however, offer any kind of advice. Most discount brokers work remotely and are technology-oriented. So, they provide online trading platforms to their clients to execute the trades. As the brokerage charges are low, so discount brokers do not offer any kind of advisory services or stock tips or recommendations, portfolio management services, etc.

They do not provide you with a dedicated relationship manager like a full-service broker. So, in case of any queries, you need to contact them through their customer care number, chat support or e-mail. They do not have physical branches, so the processes are completely automated. So, in short, a discount broker is suitable for someone who is not willing to pay high brokerage charges and is a DIY investor or trader. Some of the top discount brokers in India are Zerodha, Upstox, Groww, Paytm Money, 5Paisa, Alice Blue, Wisdom Capital, etc.

Broker Comparison

There are lots of brokers who provide hundreds of features. Each broker has advantages and disadvantages. Which one would be ideal for you? In addition, changing your broker after you have actively started investing can be a hassle. So here you can compare the most reputable brokers in India and select the one that best meets your requirements. You can also check their detailed review and analysis and select the one whichever you like the most.

Now the question arises, how to choose the best stock broker? There are some basic features which you should always look for while selecting a stockbroker.

Factors to consider before selecting a Stockbroker

When choosing a stockbroker in India, you need to do some research about them. Here are some factors to keep an eye out for-


A stock broker plays a very important role in the financial industry. Before selecting a stock broker, one should consider their fees and track record of service. You need to decide which type of trading you do. A trader is a person who earns money in the short term. Investors, on the other hand, are in it for a long time. They buy stocks and forget about them and sell them after a few years. You must identify which class category you belong to and, as a result, which broker best matches your needs.

Also, if you are a beginner and need advisory service and a relationship manager, then you can go for a full-service broker. However, if you are an experienced investor and looking for low brokerage charges, then discount brokers are a good option for you.