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Jm Financial

When it comes to investing in the stock market, choosing the right stockbroker is of utmost importance. It can significantly impact your trading experience, investment returns, and overall satisfaction. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of Jm Financial, one of India's prominent Full Service Broker. We will evaluate various aspects, including brokerage charges, trading platforms, customer support, and more, to help you make an informed decision.


Jm Financial founded in 1986 by Nimesh Kampani is a Public company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra India. As a Full Service Broker, Jm Financial aims to provide cost-effective buy/sell orders, enabling investors to save money compared to Discount Broker. However, it is crucial to note that Jm Financial operates as a Discount Broker. It offers extensive investment advice and detailed stock analysis for its clients.

OverviewJm Financial
Broker TypeFull Service Broker
Type of companyPublic
HeadquarterMumbai, Maharashtra
FoundersNimesh Kampani
Foundation Year1986
Supported ExchangesNA
Total branchesNil

Jm Financial Account opening charges

To begin trading with Jm Financial, you need to open a trading account and a Demat account. Jm Financial charges Rs.799 for opening a trading account. Additionally, there is an annual maintenance charge (AMC) of Rs.299 for the Demat account. However, it's worth mentioning that trading AMC is free.

Account Opening and Demat ChargesJm Financial
Trading Account Opening ChargesRs.799
Demat AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges)Rs.299
Trading AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges)Free
Margin MoneyRs.15,000 Minimum
Offline to Online ChargesYes
DepositoryCDSL & NSDL

Jm Financial Brokerage Charges

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a stockbroker is the brokerage charges. Jm Financial brokerage charges for various segments are as follows:

Equity Brokerage Charges

Equity Brokerage ChargesJm Financial
Equity Delivery Brokerage0.5% – 0.15%
Equity Intraday Brokerage0.05% -0.015%
Equity Futures Brokerage0.05% -0.015%
Equity Options BrokerageRs.75 – Rs.20 per Lot

Currency Brokerage Charges

Currency Brokerage ChargesJm Financial
Currency Futures Brokerage0.05% -0.015%
Currency Options BrokerageRs.75 – Rs.20 per Lot

Commodity Brokerage Charges

Commodity Brokerage ChargesJm Financial
Commodity Options BrokerageNA

Jm Financial Other Charges

In addition to brokerage charges, there are other charges to consider:

Other Brokerage ChargesJm Financial
Minimum Brokerage ChargesPercentage of Transaction
Transaction Brokerage Charges0.00325%
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp Duty ChargesAs per the state
GST Charges18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
STT Charges0.0126% of selling value
Call and Trade ChargesNA

Jm Financial Equity Leverage

Leverage enables traders to amplify their market exposure using a relatively smaller capital amount. Here's the leverage provided by Jm Financial:

Equity LeverageJm Financial
Equity DeliveryUpto 1x
Equity IntradayUpto 7x
Equity FuturesUpto 2x
Equity OptionsUpto 4x

Jm Financial Currency Leverage

Currency LeverageJm Financial
Currency FuturesUpto 3x
Currency OptionsUpto 3x

Jm Financial Commodity Leverage

Equity LeverageJm Financial
CommodityUpto 2x

Jm Financial Offers

Numerous stockbrokers are enticing customers with attractive offers in order to expand their client base. Some of these enticing offers include:

OffersJm Financial
Free Stock Trading AccountYes
Free Demat AccountYes
Flexible PlansYes
Brokerage DiscountsYes
Happy HoursNo
1 Month Free PlanNo
Holiday OffersNo
Referral ProgramNo
Zero Brokerage on Loss TradesNo

Jm Financial Features

FeaturesJm Financial
Equity Delivery TradingYes
Equity Intraday TradingYes
Equity Futures TradingYes
Equity Options TradingYes
Currency TradingYes
Commodity TradingYes
IPO (Initial public offering)Yes
Stocks SuggestionsNo
Robo AdvisoryNo
PMS (Portfolio Management Services)Yes
Trading InstitutionNo
Trading ExposureUpto 7x
Mutual FundsYes
SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)Yes
Forex TradingNo

Jm Financial Advisory Services

The key distinction between a discount broker and a full-service broker lies in the range of services offered and the rates at which they are provided.

ServicesJm Financial
Fundamental ReportsYes
Research ReportsYes
Company ReportsYes
Annual ReportsYes
Company Stock ReviewYes
Free Stock TipsYes
IPO ReportsYes
Top PicksYes
Daily Market ReviewYes
Monthly ReportsYes
Weekly reportsYes
Offline AdvisoryYes
Relationship ManagerYes

Jm Financial Trading Platforms

The Jm Financial trading software comprises various trading platforms suitable for the diverse needs of the customers. It is built on IIFL's trading platform. It has been trusted by customers for the past two decades. The trading platform is available in three different forms. Namely: a mobile app, a web browser-based platform, and an installable desktop trading application.

Jm Financial Trading Platforms

Desktop Trading PlatformsJm Financial
Desktop BrowserNo

Jm Financial Mobile App

The Jm Financial mobile app allows users to trade on the go and provides access to trading at BSE/NSE and robo advisory services. Customers can download the app for free from either the google app store or the apple app Store. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive, enabling users to buy stocks, trade in stock and currency futures & options, and invest in mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and more.

Mobile AppJm Financial
Mobile BrowserYes
Android AppYes
iOS AppYes
Windows AppNo
Other mobile osNo

Jm Financial Web Trading

For web-based trading, Jm Financial offers a powerful trading website known as Jm Financial trader station. This website can be accessed through any web browser on computers, laptops, mobile devices, or tablets. It provides a wide range of trading and investment options within a single domain. The web platform is seamlessly integrated with payment gateways and banks, enabling instant fund transfers.

Jm Financial Trade Terminal

Jm Financial offers a trade terminal, which is a downloadable trading terminal specifically developed for active traders seeking advanced trading features. This desktop application offers real-time data and advanced charts for monitoring intraday and historic stock prices. It also offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts to facilitate real-time market monitoring and faster order placement.

Jm Financial Customer Support

Customer SupportJm Financial
Relationship ManagerYes
Offline TradingYes
Online TradingYes
24 * 7 SupportNo
Email SupportYes
Chat SupportNo
Toll free numberNo
Support Branches50

Jm Financial Complaints

Understanding the number of customer complaints received by a brokerage firm can provide insights into the quality and reliability of their services. The following table shows the information regarding the complaints received by Jm Financial.

BSE ComplaintsJm Financial
BSE Complaints5
BSE Resolved Complaints5
Percentage of resolved BSE complaints100.00 %
NSE Complaints7
NSE Resolved Complaints7
Percentage of resolved NSE complaints100.00 %
BSE/NSE Complaint vs. Resolved Percentage100.00 %


In conclusion, Jm Financial offers a range of trading and investment options through its user-friendly platforms. With competitive pricing and several investment choices, it is one of the best options for investors. However, the lack of comprehensive customer support and the number of customer complaints are areas of concern. Considering all the features and user experience, Jm Financial can be considered a decent stock broker, but you must examine the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.